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How to order Ramen JIRO ( English & Japanese 英語版 ラーメン二郎の注文方法)

This article is a Guidance of Ramen Jiro.
by T.Kamo (Japanese, Rame Jiro fan)

One day I went to eat ramen jiro at shinjyuku kabuki-cho,
(先日、ラーメン二郎 新宿歌舞伎町店へ食事に行ったのですが)
I encountered a scene where foreign tourists are in trouble about the way to order.

So I guided them in English.
The following image and description are the record at that time.
For your information.

How to order Ramen JIRO ( English & Japanese 英語版 ラーメン二郎の注文方法)_c0124076_16193509.jpg

How to order Ramen Jiro.
※At Shinjyuku Kabukicho shop, When there is a wait outside the shop.

At First, Please stand in this procession.
And, When the procession towards the dispenser, Please purchase meal ticket.
The meal ticket is plain plastic card.
There are 2 kinds of Ramen, Normal Ramen and Tuke-Men.
Both Ramen are "豚骨醤油ラーメン", pork bone and soy source broth Ramen.
Tuke-Men is dip style Ramen, and that soup is added the japanese vinegar.
And, You can chose amount of noodles, and amount of "豚 Buta", boiled pork.
However this shop is known huge volume ramen.
So I recommend the normal size Ramen, named "小ラーメン", Sho-Ramen.
And the procession advances in the shop, the shop assistant will ask you amount of noodles.
So, when the assistant asks yours "食券を見せてください Shoken wo misete kudasai", you need to show a meal ticket.
When you achieve the top of procession and vacant seat is there, Please sit down the seat and put meal ticket on the counter.
If you want to sit together your partner, Please offer to the shop assistant.
This Shop make ramen for several people at the same time.
So, You would wait for about 5 or 10 minutes for making.
Water is self-service.
When the remen making finish, the shop assistant ask you "ニンニク入れますか Ninniku Iremasuka", this question means the ask of amount of free toppings.
There are 4 kinds of free toppings, "ニンニク", "ヤサイ", "アブラ", "カラメ".
"ニンニク Ninniku" means chopped garlic.
"ヤサイ Yasai" means steamed bean sprouts and cabbage.
"アブラ Abura" means pork back fat.
"カラメ Karame" means additional soy source.
You can choice the amount of free toppings.
For example, If you wish some garlics and many vegetables, Please answer "Ninniku Yasai-Masi".
"マシ Masi" means many.
Of course, In this shop, the topping's amount is usually big, too.
So, My recommend answer is only "ninniku".
When you answer, the shop assistant will serve you your Ramen.
After you finish eating, Please put tableware and Ramen bowl on the counter.
Well, please enjoy the Ramen Jiro!

Ramen Jiro has different some local rules depending on each shop.
This article is about general rules and local rules in Ramen Jiro store at Shinjyuku Kabukicho.

by katukiemusubu | 2019-05-18 22:30 | グルメ・スイーツ
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